Welding procedure

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1. Remove all humidity, grease or oxide from the conductors and all surfaces to be welded.

2. Assemble the graphite mould with the suitable handle clamp.

3. Before first weld, dry the mould by using a blow lamp to take away all humidity in it. This operation is very important to eliminate dampness which would cause a porous weld.

4. Insert carefully the conductors to be welded in the mould and close it properly to avoid leak of molten metal.

5. Place the retaining metal disc (provided in the welding powder box) in the crucible to close the mould tape hole.

6. Pour carefully the welding powder into the crucible (check that the powder reference is the right one as indicated on the mould box). Then close again the tube and tap on the base (where is located the starting powder being compacted).

7. Pour then the starting powder over the welding powder. Lay also a trail of starting powder on the mould lip side being under mould cover opening.

8. Close the mould cover and ignite with flint gun being side away. The welder never should stay on the front and should take care of throwing out.

9. Open carefully the mould after +/- 1 minute after ignition. Remove slag by using the mould scraper and clean properly the cavity with a brush before making a next weld. As long as the mould is hot and dry a further weld can be made without new preheating (step 3).

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