T shape cable terminal lugs

Hot stamped and tinned brass body, stainless steel or brass U bolt

    Bracket material
    Allowable cross-sections (mm²)
    Screw size

    The terminal cable lugs and fittings are made of hot-stamped brass, their U type tightener are made of electrogalvanized steel. They provide a simple clamping connection of conductors and provide an alternative to crimping and welding solutions. These lugs do not require any special tooling unlike other solutions.

    MALTEP offers a range of lugs fitting with for conductors ranging from 10mm² up to 150mm². Standard models provide an electrogalvanized U tightener, but can be delivered also in brass upon request. These are our references ending with L (i.e. : CT1070-8 are electrogalvanized U tighteners and CT1070-8L are brass U tighteners.

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