⚡ MALTEP Participates in the Senegalese power grid development project ⚡

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🔹🔸 At the end of 2023 VINCI ENERGIES and SENELEC launched work on the second phase, called Pôle 2026, of the Senegalese electricity network development project. This €200M project aims to provide access to electricity for the entire population of Senegal by 2025

🔹🔸 This ambition involves the construction of 4 high-voltage substations, 116 medium-voltage substations and a total of 900km of high, medium and low-voltage distribution lines

🔹🔸 The construction of this network will mobilize one thousand workers as well as 150 engineers and advanced technicians for 36 months

🔹🔸 MALTEP and @RETIS SOLUTIONS have been chosen to supply the earthing components for the transformer substations and the transmission line equipment. The total value of the contract is €1.1 million, which in the field of earthing and power transmission equipment is a very large-scale project

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