For grounding and earthing works on HV / EHV substations

Kit's presentation

The dedicated earthing kit for HV / HVB substations

A kit designed for your needs

The MALTEP crimping kit is specially designed for your work on grounding circuits on HTA / HTB electrical substations, it includes :

  • A robust, reliable 13-ton crimping tool with two batteries
  • A set of 8 dies

13T Crimping tool

Discover the characteristics of our 13 ton press

Characteristics of the 13 ton crimping tool

Our table below will show you the main features of our 13T crimping tool :

Force 130 kN
Course 26 mm
Temps de Sertissage 8-9 sec. selon section
Autonomie 150 cycles approx.
Batterie 18 V Li-Ion 5 A
Température de Fonctionnement -10 / + 50°C
Dimensions 400 x 75 x 310 mm
Poids 6,5 Kg avec batterie
Sertissage hexagonal 6 > 300 mm²
Documentation Fiche Technique
Guide Utilisateur

Crimping dies

Discover the types of connectors that can be crimped

Characteristics of the dies sets

The sets of dies allow the realization of your grounding crimps on HTA / HTB electrical substations for the following connectors:

  • C crimps
  • Compression cable lungs
Application Postes HTA / HTB

Circuits de terre
Raccords RTE RDCT (Cossses en C) De 75 à 150 mm²
Raccords RTE CDCT (Cosses tubulaires) De 75 à 240 mm²
Documentation Note Technique Sertissage Cosses Tubulaires CDCT
Note Technique Sertissage Cosses en C

Implementation tips

The realization of a crimping is not improvised, discover some advice of implementation according to the material to crimp :

When three passes are required, the first crimp should be made in the center of the part

The first crimping must be done next to the connection area

For proper crimping, the crimping tool must go to the end of its stroke (green light on) with the dies in contact

Case and accessories

Discover the features of the accessories

Features of the accessories

The MALTEP crimping kit is supplied with accessories and case to simplify your life on the job site :

Dimensions 594 x 494 x 149 mm
Poids 3,6 Kg
Composition Malette 1 outil 13 Tonne

8 Jeux de matrices

1 chargeur

2 batteries

1 bandoulière

RTE Correspondence

Make your life easier!

Table de correspondances entre repères RTE, raccords et matrices

The table below provides the correspondence between the type of fitting, the RTE number and the MALTEP reference. In addition, you will find the die to use, the number of impressions and passes required per crimp. Finally, each die is color coded for easy identification!

Type de raccords Section (mm²) Repère RTE Référence MALTEP Matrice Empreintes Passes Code couleur
Cosse en C 75 RDCT-74.9/74.9 C95• C130CC95L9 1 x 9 mm 2
Cosse en C 95 RDCT-74.9/74.9 C95• C130CC95L9 1 x 9 mm 2
Cosse en C 120 RDCT-116/116 C120• C130CC150L5 1 x 5 mm 3
Cosse en C 150 RDCT-146/146 C150• C130CC150L5 1 x 5 mm 3
Cosse tubulaire 75 CDCT-74.9 CDCT75-• C130HCT75L14 1 x 14 mm 2
Cosse tubulaire 95 CDCT-95 CDCT95-• C130HCT95L14 1 x 14 mm 2
Cosse tubulaire 120 CDCT-116 CDCT120-• C130HCT116L14 1 x 14 mm 2
Cosse tubulaire 150 CDCT-146 CDCT150-• C130HCT146L14 1 x 14 mm 2
Cosse tubulaire 185 CDCT-181 CDCT185-• C130HCT181L14 1 x 12 mm 2
Cosse tubulaire 240 CDCT-240 CDCT240-• C130HCT240L14 1 x 12 mm 2


A kit, a commercial reference!

Commercial references

The MALTEP crimping kit, only one reference to order. Need an additional part ? Find all the commercial references included for a retail order :

Références commerciales
La référence précédente contient l'ensemble des élements ci-dessous :
Outil 13 Tonne et accessoires BP13026
Matrice pour raccord en C 75-95 mm² C130CC95L9
Matrice pour raccord en C 120-150 mm² C130CC150L5
Matrice pour cosse 75 mm² C130HCT75L14
Matrice pour cosse 95 mm² C130HCT95L14
Matrice pour cosse 120 mm² C130HCT116L14
Matrice pour cosse 150 mm² C130HCT147L12
Matrice pour cosse 185 mm² C130HCT181L12
Matrice pour cosse 240 mm² C130HCT240L12