Crimping tool kit for substations

The MALTEP crimping kit is designed specifically for your work on grounding circuits on HV/HV substations.



 13T Crimp Press

The MALTEP crimping kit is specially design for your works on earthing and grouding circuits on substations

• A 13 tonnes crimping press robust and reliable, delivered with two batteries

Strenght (kN) 130
Course (mm) 26
Crimp time (sec.) 8-9
Autonomie (cycles) 150
Batterie 18 V Li-Ion 5 A
Operating temperature (°C) -10/+50
Dimensions (mm) 400x75x310
Weight (Kg) 6.5 with battery
Hexagonal Crimp 6 > 300 mm²

• A set of  8 dies for tubular lugs of type CDCT tand C crimp of type RDCT

Application Substations
Earthing circuits
RDCT (C crimps) From 75 to 150 mm²
CDCT (Tubular lugs) From 75 to 240 mm²

 Correspondence between RTE / MALTEP connectors and dies

Easily find the correspondence between the set of dies and connectors as per RTE / ENEDIS codifications

Connectors Cross section (mm²) RTE Marking MALTEP reference Set of Dies Crimps Print Number of Crimps Color Code
C crimps 75 RDCT-74.9/74.9 C95• C130CC95L9 1 x 9 mm 2
120 RDCT-116/116 C120• C130CC150L5 1 x 5 mm 3
Tubular lugs 75 CDCT-74.9 CDCT75-• C130HCT75L14 1 x 14 mm 2
95 CDCT-95 CDCT95-• C130HCT95L14 1 x 14 mm 2
120 CDCT-116 CDCT120-• C130HCT116L14 1 x 14 mm 2
150 CDCT-146 CDCT150-• C130HCT146L14 1 x 14 mm 2
185 CDCT-181 CDCT185-• C130HCT181L14 1 x 12 mm 2
240 CDCT-240 CDCT240-• C130HCT240L14 1 x 12 mm 2

MALTEP Crimping Tips

  1. For C crimps (RDCT), when three crimps are required, the first crimp must be centered
  2. For tubular lugs (CDCT), the first crimp must be done to the side of the connection pad
  3. For proper crimping, the crimping press must go to the end of its stroke (green light on) with dies in contact

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Discover our crimping tool range as well as our overview of earthing and grounding for sub-stations


Data sheet

Type of work
Crimping of C crimp CDCT type from 75 to 240mm²
Crimping of tubular lugs RDCT type from 75 to 150mm²
Dimensions (mm)
594 x 494 x 149
Weight (Kg)
Delivery note
Set includes 1 x 13T crimping tool, 8 sets of dies, 1 charger, 2 batteries and 1 shoulder strap
HS code
Order code

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