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Introduction to exothermic welding

MALTEP offers introductions to exothermic welding, in agency or on worksite


Why this introduction?

Exothermic welding is a complex welding method that requires a high level of skill to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of the welds. Here, at MALTEP, we understand the importance of reliable welds in an earthing system. This is why we offer training in exothermic welding to companies, in order to guarantee the efficiency and safety of teams on site.


The Exothermic welding usually lasts half a day (this duration can be adapted to your specific needs) it consists in a theoretical part lasting approximately an hour, followed by a practical initation for the rest of the training period.

The following themes are addressed and developed to ensure that your team is fully operational and autonomous from the end of its initiation:

  • Process discovery
  • Benefits of exothermic welding
  • Equipment discovery
  • possibilities : sections, shapes, componants...
  • Good practices
  • Raising awareness of the risks inherent to the melting phenomenon
  • PPE presentation
  • Safety instructions and working methods guaranteeing their correct application
  • Maintenance and cleaning of equipment

Why choose MALTEP?

As earthing experts, our trainers benefit from extensive experience and knowledge in the field of exothermic welding. They will therefore be able to perfectly introduce your employees to good practices for carrying out quality welds in complete safety. They will also know how to train them on the errors to avoid in order to avoid any risk of damage to the equipment, the quality of the grounding, or worse, injuries.

A personalized service

We customize the delivery of this training to fit your technical, availability and geographic needs. We offer to travel to the desired location and date to allow you to optimize your schedules and travel.

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