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"For 30 years, we have been building an ambitious group based on strong human and economic values shared by our teams."
Frédéric Croullet


Our ambition is always to offer our customers original, high-performance solutions.

This guarantees that our customers can work with tools and products that keep pace with their needs.


The vault that unites us, us, nos équipes et surtout nos clients.

It's the ambition to say:


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Networks Business Unit

The NOVARC group


The NOVARC Group's  NETWORKS is a world-renowned manufacturer in the field of protection for people and propertiesagainst electrical hazards, we distribute all our brands to guarantee safety during any intervention.

"L'innovation, l'intégralité industrielle, notre organisation commerciale et logistique et notre stratégie produit sont les accélérateurs de notre axe de développement"
Frédéric Croullet

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A global presence

The intensification of power grids worldwide is generating a host of needs. The NETWORKS unit, which specializes in lightning protection and grounding for power generation and distribution networks, has unrivalled experience and know-how.

"The NETWORKS business unit continues its international expansion. Its ambition is to become the world leader in electrical risk prevention. As part of this internalization process, NETWORKS is setting up operations on every continent. In this way, it is getting to know the local environment and needs, so that it can develop specific solutions."
Frédéric Croullet

Investment in international expansion and the creation of subsidiaries is therefore accompanied by a more global, educational approach to raising awareness and providing training in electrical risks for network operators.

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Global solutions in safety equipment for electrical networks

"Our product catalog is constantly enriched by new solutions developed by our R&D department. It is also enhanced by the development of new functionalities for our products."
Frédéric Croullet

NETWORKS relies on the know-how of its factories to offer its customers high-performance solutions for the protection of infrastructures and people against electrical risks.

We support our customers by offering globales solutions for the construction, maintenance and operation of their networks.