Handle clamps

Required for assembling the different parts of the exothermic welding mold and for holding the conductors to be welded inside it
    Type of mold

    The exothermic welding is a self-sufficient process to achieve high quality electrical connections between copper, copper alloys or steel conductors. The process implies the use of a graphite mold allowing the molten metal present inside to come in contact with the conductors present and to weld them in a definitive way.

    The pre-assembly of the different parts of a mold as well as the holding of the conductors or elements to be welded present in the mold, is carried out using a handle clamp adapted to each mold size:

    - HCB00 type handle clamps: are used with mini molds (size B - type -B references)

    - HCC00 type handle clamps: are used with standard moulds (size C - type references -C-)

    - HCD00 type handle clamps: are used with maxi molds (size V or D - type references -V- or -D-)


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