Welding powder

The metal powder provides the required material in order to perform the exothermic welding of the conductors
    Powder weight (gr.)

    The exothermic welding is a self-sufficient process to achieve high quality electrical connections between copper, copper alloys or steel conductors. The process implies the use of a graphite mold allowing the molten metal present inside to come in contact with the conductors present and to weld them in a definitive way.

    The exothermic metal powder cartridges are calibrated in weight according to the weld to be carried out and contain two types of powder:

    - The metal powder : It is available under the colored cover and consists of a mixture of copper and aluminum oxide and serves as a raw material to fuse with the conductors to be welded

    - The ignition powder : It is available under the black cover and is used to start the fusion process, when igniting the exothermic welding process

    The references of the powder cartridges to be used depend on the type of weldi to be performed and the type of conductor to be welded.

    The powder box also contains the obturation disc which is placed at the bottom of the crucible before pouring the powder.


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