Ignition strips

Set of 10 ignition strips for KAL-AD exothermic welding remote igniter

The ignition strips are used with our remote igniter, the operator inserts the ignition strip into the igniter connector and then inserts the strip head directly into the slot of the mold provided. The exothermic process is initiated by activating the remote igniter.

How to choose all the required exothermic welding materials ?

To choose all of the required materials, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the graphite mold
  2. Select the handle clamp
  3. Select the metal powder
  4. Select the ignition method
  5. Select the accessories and safety equipments

What if the welding configuration is not available on MALTEP website ?

MALTEP also manufactures graphite molds for the realization of particular welding configuration.

Do not hesitate to consult us for any particular request with the following welding inputs:

• The configuration  of the weld: tee, parallel, etc..
• The nature of the conductors to be welded: cable, round, rebar, etc. (note that aluminium is not suitable with exothermic welding)
• The cross section, diameter, conductors dimensions
• The number of welds to be done for each type of weld

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