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MALTEP accompanies the Civil Engineers for nuclear power plants safety

French expert in grounding and lightning protection MALTEP accompanies you in order to propose technical solutions, advices and materials adapted to your projects.

A l'heure actuelle MALTEP has already participated in the study, the qualification and the supply of grounding solutions for several nuclear power plants on the French territory:

  • ITER
  • La Hague
  • Saint-Albain
  • Flamanville
  • Bugey
  • Pierrelatte
  • Blayais
  • Dampierre en Burly

Nuclear power in France

Status of the French nuclear fleet

Nuclear power is the primary source of electricity in France. This energy is produced by the 56 reactors in operation in 19 plants across the country.

A 900MW reactor is enough to supply about 400k homes with a monthly production of 500k MW/h.

You can see above the distribution of the power plants on the French territory. Most of them are located in the North, the Center or the East of France, the South-West being the least served part.
It is interesting to note that with its 6 reactors, the Gravelines power plant is an exception, the other power plants having only 2 to 4 reactors.

The mid-1970s saw a major expansion of the French nuclear fleet, with the construction of the Blayais, Dampierre, Tricastin and Gravelines plants. Eight other nuclear power plants were built between 1984 and 1994. These are the most recent power plants in operation in the country, and all are equipped with PWR reactors.

The first French EPR reactor was inaugurated in 2020 at the Flamanville plant. These 3rd generation reactors operate on the same basic principles but should guarantee a better, safer and more durable performance than PWR reactors.

Ongoing projects

The Bugey A, Brennilis, Chooz A, Chinon A, Saint-Laurent A and Creys-Malville power plants are being dismantled because they are considered to be at the end of their life and too expensive to restore for the life span they would recover. These plants are already not producing electricity.

However, in addition to the Flamanville plant, 6 EPRs have been ordered and should be in operation by 2030.

Moreover, the government's ambition to replace nuclear power with renewable energies by 2030 by reducing its share of electricity production to 50% does not prevent nuclear power from being the leading source of energy in France and from allowing its relative energy independence.

Nuclear power worldwide

State of the world's nuclear fleet

Nuclear power is the 3rd largest source of electricity in the world, with "only" 10% of the shares of global production, behind hydro and thermal flame which is largely first.
At the end of 2019 there were 443 operational reactors spread over 10 countries.

Positioning of France in the world

In 2018 France was the 2nd largest producer in the world with a production of 412.9TWh behind the USA (841.3 TWh) and ahead of China(295TWh).

Sources: EDF.