Flat and tape conductors

In copper, tinned copper, aluminum, galvanized steel and 304(A2) or 316(A4) stainless steel, packed in coils or bars
    Dimensions (mm)

    The flat or tape conductor is the key element in a lightning protection system as well as grounding. Its applications are numerous and varied. We find it, for example, as an earth electrodee in concrete foundation, in technical premises or as the main down conductor of lightning protection systems.

    MALTEP offers a range of flat conductors in red copper, tinned, galvanized or stainless steel. With dimensions ranging from 30x2 to 40x5mm. Other dimensions are also available upon request. The tape conductors meet the requirements of the IEC EN 62561-2 standard for grounding and lightning protection installations. MALTEP offers standard packaging in coils.


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