Flat and tape conductors


In copper, tinned copper, aluminum, galvanized steel and 304(A2) or 316(A4) stainless steel, packed in coils or bars

Dimensions (mm)

The flat or tape conductor is the key element in a lightning protection system as well as in earthing and grounding. Its applications are numerous and varied. We find it, for example, as an earth electrode in concrete foundation, in technical premises or as the main down conductor in a lightning protection systems.

MALTEP offers a range of flat conductors in red copper, tinned, galvanized or stainless steel. With dimensions ranging from 30x2 to 40x5mm. Other dimensions are also available upon request. The tape conductors meet the requirements of the IEC EN 62561-2 standard for grounding and lightning protection installations. MALTEP offers standard packaging in coils.

 Recommended Electrode, Capture and down conductors as per IEC EN 62561-2

Find out more about the characteristics of the electrod, lightning protection conductors as per IEC EN 62561-2 standard : Lightning Protection System Components - Part 2: Requirements for Conductors and Earth Electrodes, as well as MALTEP associated products:

Conductor Material Cross section (mm²) Dimensions (mm) Electrode Lightning Reference
Tape Copper 50 2 (1) CU302
Tinned copper 50 2 (1) CUE302/50M
Aluminium 70 3 (1) AL303
Galvanized steel 50 2,5 (1) AG3035/30M
Galvanized steel 90 3 (1) AG3035/30M
304 Stainless steel 50 2 (1) I302
316 Stainless steel 50 2 (1) I302-A4
316 Stainless steel 100 2 (1) I3035-A4/30M
Round Copper 50 8 (2) TR8100
Tinned copper 50 8 (2) TRE8100
Aluminium 50 8 (2) TRAL8150
Galvanized steel 50 8 (2) TRG8130
304 Stainless steel 50 8 (2) TRI8130
316 Stainless steel 50 8 (2) TRI8100-A4
316 Stainless steel 78 10 (2) TRI1030-A4
Cable Copper 50 1,7 (3) CCR50
(1) Thickness
(2) Diameter
(3) Strands diameter
• Compatible charateristics with standard
– Non compatible charateristics with standard

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