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MALTEP is a French expert in grounding and welding by aluminothermics. We can offer you technical solutions, advice and materials adapted to your projects.

MALTEP is a regular partner of the SNCF and has already participated in large international projects such as the HS2 BALFOUR BEATTY line.

Market recovery in 2021

Transport of passengers

By 2021, rail ridership has returned to 76% of its pre-crisis level.

International services remain the most affected with a 55% drop in ridership compared to 2019. This decline is mainly due to the decrease in train supply in this sector.

As a result, 86% of rail traffic in 2021 was on domestic routes and 14% on international routes. Journeys between France, Germany and Switzerland have returned to levels close to those of 2019, but the recovery has been much slower towards Belgium and the Netherlands. However, traffic to the United Kingdom remains the most affected.

While offer has fallen in all areas of the sector (TER, intercity, domestic TAGV, international), demand has fallen even more significantly.

Freight transportation

Freight transport experienced strong growth in 2021, after 3 years of decline. This 14% rebound puts it back above its 2017 level. 

At an European scale, rail freight transport has been little affected by the health crisis, and all countries will experience fairly strong growth by 2021.


In France, there are 30,000 km of railroads, of which 2,600 are allocated to the TGV. In terms of density, this represents 47 m of track for 1 km of territory. Moreover, traffic is extremely condensed, with 9% of the network's tracks accounting for 50% of the traffic, while the 31% of the least frequented tracks represent 1% of the traffic.

By way of comparison, Germany has 33,448 km of track, i.e. 93 m of track per km of territory, of which 850 km is allocated to high-speed trains.

It is essential for the SNCF to ground its entire rail network to ensure the safety of its infrastructure and especially its passengers.

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