CC14 Welding kit


Complete kit for making horizontal side-by-side parallel welds of round or cables conductors

    Conductor material
    Conductor A - Cross-section or diameter
    Conductor B - Cross-section or diameter
    Number of welds per kit

    Exothermic welding is a self contained fusion welding process that allows very high quality electrical connections between copper, copper alloy or steel conductors. This process involves the use of a graphite mold allowing the molten metal present inside to come in contact with the conductors present and to weld them in a definitive way.

    Our CC14 welding kit allows the welding of two bare copper cables or two solid round conductors in horizontal parallel side by side. A kit contains all the material necessary to make 20 or respectively 60 connections:

    - 1 graphite mold

    - 20 or 60 metal powder cardtriges (depending on the kit)

    - 1 handle clamp for the mold

    - 1 mold scraper

    - 1 mold cleaning brush

    - 1 card cloth brush

    ? 1 igniter

    - 1 storage box


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