Continuity tester for checking and measuring ground conductors

Easily check all ground connections, protective conductors and equipotential bonds.

- Fault voltage alert and display

- Built-in reel for easy movement around the premises to be tested

- Cable guide to easily reel in the cable and prevent it from unwinding unintentionally

- 210mA test current compliant with XPC 16600 and NFC 15 100 standards

- Digital display (blue or red depending on continuity quality) coupled with an audible signal

- Belt wear to free up hands

- 600V CAT III reinforced insulation protection

With Wheel-e the operator tests the continuity and measures the resistance of protective conductors and equipotential bonding by keeping his hands free.

 The product includes :

1 hybrid reel-tester of continuity with alarm LoZ voltmeter.

1 probe P / N 404-IEC.

1 straight 4 mm banana plug to straight 4 mm banana plug lead with coiled wire P / N 2350-SpiPUR-31.

1 crocodile clip P / N 5066-IEC.

1 E-type mains AC power plug to grounded 4 mm banana socket adapter P / N AdaFMSectFR-T/F4.



Connect the wire of Wheel-e to equipotentiality reference,

Connect a probe to Wheel-e,

Touch protective conductors with the probe,

Beeps if the resistance is OK, < 2 ohms, doesn't beep if it is greater than 2 ohms (the value is displayed).


Self-reversing of the polarities (compliant with EN 61557-4).

Measuring range 0.00 ohm to 20.0 ohms (resolution 0.01 ohm).

Current 200 mA DC (compliant with EN 61557-4).

Voltage between 4 V and 6 V (compliant with EN 61557-4).

Provided with verification certificate.

Measurement accuracy of continuity resistances : ±0.07 ohm from 0.00 ohm to 9.99 ohms ; ±0.1 ohm from 10.0 ohms to 20.0 ohms. Operating uncertainty according to EN / IEC61557-4 of continuity resistances : ≤ 30 %.

Works on electrical installations energized or not.


600 V~ CAT III. 300 V~ CAT IV. IP2X. Class 2. Voltage warning. Removable 0.5 A fuse. 1 mm2 PVC 2-jacket wire.


ALARME LOZ VOLTMETER. “Wheel-e” includes a voltmeter with two features :

1. Alarm. While measuring resistances, “Wheel-e” watches voltages. At any moment it can raise an alarm if any hazardous voltage occurs.

2. LoZ. “Wheel-e” includes a low impedance (“LoZ”) voltmeter. This helps the operator to understand the trouble. If an alarm is raised then “Wheel-e” displays the voltage. If the value is about 240 V while the operator works on a 240 V electrical installation then it could mean “Wheel-e” has found a phase, this is a “hard” voltage. But if the value is much lower, such as 70 V, then it could mean “Wheel-e” has found a “ghost” voltage. (Any usual voltmeter would indicate 240 V.) “Ghost” voltages come from the capacitive coupling between energized and non-energized wirings. They are hazardous too. Thanks to the alarm LoZ voltmeter the operator can understand if “Wheel-e” is facing a “hard” or “ghost” voltage and this helps to diagnose the trouble.


One single button for all the functions.

Blue / red backlight to test at first glance if OK or not.

Loud beep to test if OK or not without looking at the LCD.

Mute the beep not to disturb some areas (offices).

About 10000 checkings with the 4 AA batteries.

Calibrate yourself periodically.

Hanging banana plug, the wire can't unreel unintentionally.

Replace yourself the wire if worn just by unscrewing the flange.

Compensate at 0 ohm for the resistances of the accessories.

30-meter long wire to operate far from the equipotentiality reference.

Wear it at the waist to free your hands and take care of your neck and back.

''AUX'' socket to test unplugged appliances while keeping connected to the reference.

Wheel-e is made in France and adds to the Electro-PJP's range of safety accessories like telescopic poles, probes, leads, clips, socket adaptors, etc. to test equipotential bonding on sockets, lights, metal frames, heaters, plugged and unplugged appliances, etc. (The Wheel-e design and patent are registered.)

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Data sheet

Electrical protection
600 V CAT III / 300 V CAT IV, reinforced insulation, pollution degree 2
Cable type
PVC 1.00 mm²
Cable length (M)
Red and black, green accessories
HS code
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