Bimetallic plates

In copper (15%) and colaminated aluminum (85%)
    Bolt size (mm)

    Bimetallic copper and aluminum plates are used to reduce galvanic corrosion between metal parts of different nature causing corrosion phenomenon. The contact between material such as steel/copper, aluminum/copper or zinc/copper generates an electrochemical couple that leads to an electrolytic corrosion. The bimetallic plates place between the grounding/equipotential connector, such as earth clamps, cable holders or earth braids, reduce the corrosion effect while providing an electrical continuity. The aluminum side of the plate is installed in contact with the metal side, the copper side of the plate is installed in contact with the connector, which is usually made of copper or copper alloy.

    MALTEP offers, as standard, a range of bimetallic plates made of 15% copper and 85% colaminated aluminum. The washers are suitable for M10 to M16 fasteners.


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