NF C20-130 Tubular compression cable lugs

In tinned copper
    Cable cross-section (mm²)
    Screw size

    Tubular compression lugs are used to connect electrical cable, for example on metallic frames or equipotential bonding bars, and typically on the connection terminals of electrical equipment. The installation is made by crimping and requires specific tooling composed of a crimping press and associated set of dies. The lugs are made of tinned copper by electrolysis in order to be able to be connected on, for example, aluminium alloy pads.

    MALTEP proposes a range of tubular compression lugs made of tinned copper according to the NF C20-130 manufacturing standards. Our standard range allows to equip cables of cross sections starting from 6 to 400mm². MALTEP can propose you other diameters of terminal holes or lugs meeting other manufacturing standards on request.


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