C crimp copper connectors


Crimp with appropriate crimping press and die set


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Nominal cable cross-section (mm²)

The C crimp connector provides a crimped connection method for connecting two earthing cables together. The connection is made by crimping and requires a crimping tool and the appropriate set of dies. The C crimp connector is manufactured out of red copper or tinned copper. Tinned copper is preferred especially when it can be in contact with a metallic structure. As an alternative to the C crimc connector, exothermic welding can also be performed.

Maltep offers a wide range of red copper C crimp connectors for cable with a cross-section ranging between 70mm² to 240mm². The criteria of selection of the C crimp connector size depends on the cable cross section to be crimped as well as the minimum and maximum capacity of the connector. As a complementary offer, MALTEP offers a range of mechanical and electro-hydraulic crimping tools and dies suitable for C crimp connectos.


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