Disconnecting links on plastic plate

For disconnection purposes during ground measurements, of the grounding circuit between earth rods and distribution terminal block of the electrical panel

Admissible cross-sections (mm²)
With porcelain insulators

The disconnecting links are elements imposed by the French NFC 15-100 standard in earth connection and equipotential installations. They are usually located in an accessible part of the earthing and grounding circuit and allow the disconnection of the earth electrodee in order to measure the earth resistance, during electrical inspections. The ground resistance must not exceed 100 ohms for the installation to be validated.

MALTEP offers a range of disconnecting links consisting of a conductive copper part, which is screwed onto insulators and a mounting plate support for walls or frames. The disconnecting links are available in different sizes compatible with different cable cross sections. Some models are offered with porcelain insulators, especially designed for an outdoor use. 


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