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Galvanized steel diagonal clamp for tape or round conductor onto rebar

    Allowable diameter (mm)

    Large structures or engineering works, as well as industrial facilities, typically have reinforced foundations. Theses foundation reinforcing rods, foundation slabs, and exterior walls below the ground surface provide an excellent earth electrodee. This method provides a good ground connection at a low cost. The installation of an additional equipotential mesh network, connected to the reinforcement as well as to the exterior down conductors, or, structural elements used as such, is recommended to ensure reliable connections.

    MALTEP offers a wide range of grounding clamps and fittings for concrete foundation grounding. Grounding eart points provide an access point to the grounding network present in the foundation as it exits the concrete. Our clamps, available in different materials such as galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, are simple, robust and quick to install conductor connection solutions. Our range is compliant with IEC EN 62561-1: Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC) - Part 1: Requirements for connection components.


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    Galvanized steel
    Admissible conductors
    Conductor : 20-40mm or tape with width : 30-40mm and rebar : 6-20mm
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