Round braided meshes


Packed in coils of 100, 50, 25 meters or at required length depending on the cross-section

    Cross section (mm²)

    Round tinned copper braids are typically used to protect against electrostatic discharge, for grounding of electrical equipment and lightning protection as an expansion conductor between conductors.They are placed between equipment and the ground and convey electrical surges to ground, or to other components that can absorb significant amounts of transient voltage.

    MALTEP offers a range of round tinned electrolytic copper braids with strands of 15 or 20/100mm in diameter. Our standard cross sections are between 6mm² and 120mm². MALTEP can offer you other cross sections and dimensions upon request.

    Note: You want to crimp a tubular terminal at the end of the braid? To ease the insertion of the braid into the tubular terminal, choose a tubular terminal with a directly superior cross section, for example for a round braid with a cross section of 50mm², choose a tubular terminal with a section of 70mm².


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