Mast clamp

Stainless steel U clamp for 30x2mm tape conductor onto air terminal

    In a lightning protection system, the probability of a lightning current entering a structure or building is significantly reduced by the presence of a properly designed capture device. Capture devices typically consist of the following:

    - Standard lighting or ESE rods

    - Lightning rod masts

    - Down conductor

    - Lighting air terminals in the case of a Faraday type lightning protection system

    The sizing, the installation as well as the positioning of the lightning conductors and accessories are standardized as well from the point of view of the manufacturing (IEC EN 62561) as from the point of view of the installation and the use of the device (IEC EN 62305).

    MALTEP offers a range of elements to capture a lightning strike current, allowing you to achieve a complete lightning protection system whether by standard lightning rod (Franklin rod), ESE lightning rod or Faraday cage. Our products are offered in stainless steel accompanied by solutions for holding and connecting to the down conductor.


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    A2 (304) Stainless steel
    Admissible conductors
    Tape with width 30mm
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