Winged earth clamps

For steel frame up to 20mm thick


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Bolt material
Allowable cross-sections (mm²)

Earth clamps are used as earth connectors for substations grouding and earthing uplink networks. The quality of an equipotential earthing network depends on the quality of the constituent elements connections, by providing reliable mechanical characteristics and electrical contact as well as good resistance to corrosion. In this context, the earth clamps constitute the connections of the buried mesh network risers to frames, equipment support frames, and, in general, to metallic masses present in substations.

MALTEP offers a range of single windged earth clamps. These clamps are similar to single earth clamps but provides a pair of wings used for temporary grouding connection during maintenance work on the earthing circuit.

The earth clamps are generally mounted on galvanized steel, metalized or aluminum frames. The steel-copper, aluminum-copper or zinc-copper contact generates an electrolytic corrosion. In order to overcome this effect, MALTEP offers brass bolts (stainless steel as standard) as well as bimetallic plates and washers, or clamps in tinned version.


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