Earth plates

Improves electrical resistance in rocky soils

Dimensions (mm)
Thickness (mm)

Earth grids and plates are used for earth electrodees applications. They are used to dissipate the fault current through the contact made with ground. The dissipation of the fault current depends on the characteristics of the soil where the earthing electrode is buried. The nature, humidity level, granulation are all factors that influence the resistivity of the ground. The ground resistance is improved by using one or more grounding grids or plates. In contrast to earth rods which offers a vertical penetration into the ground, the earth grids or plates offer a horizontal penetration and are commonly used in rocky soils that do not allow deep sinking. Meanwhile, the earth conductor is connected to the earth grid or plate using either exothermic welding or mechanical connections.

MALTEP offers a full range of earth grids with or without connecting strip, with a strap cross section of 3x3mm and featuring a 115x55 mesh as standard. The copper plates are 2, 3 or 4mm thick.

MALTEP also manufacture specific earth grids or plates upon request and pre-equipped with cables or tapes conductors welded in our factory. Do not hesitate to consult us for any particular request.

What can I do if the plate I'm looking for isn't available on the MALTEP website?

MALTEP can also manufacture customized earthing grids or earthing plates, pre-equipped with earthing cables or flat earthing conductors directly exothermally welded in our factories. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.

MALTEP also manufactures custom threaded bars.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirements with the following items:

1.       A drawing of the plate(s) with dimensions


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