Iron cast inspection pit

For earth electrodee control purpose

In a lightning protection system, the inspection pit has the function of enclosing and protecting the connection established between the down conductor and the earth rods composing the earth electrodee. It offers, during inspection or maintenance of lightning protection system, an access point to allow the assembly and disassembly of the connections between the down conductor and the earth rod.

MALTEP offers an inspection pit that complies with standard IEC EN 62561-5, Inspection pits. This iron cast inspection pit, is robustly designed and easily protects the connection between the down conductor and the earth rod, its dimensions of 250x250x11mm allow easy access to the earth electrodee and is deep enough not to put pressure on the assembly inside.


Data sheet

Dimensions (mm)
250 x 250 x 110
Weight (Kg)
Standard of reference
IEC 62561-5 : Lightning protection system components (LPSC) - Part 5: Requirements for earth electrode inspection housings and earth electrode seals
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