Tinned copper test joint

For use with tape or round down conductor

    The test joint is a lighting protection component designed to break the contact between the top and bottom of a lightning protection system. That is, between the catching device (lightning rod, ESE, air terminal) and the earth electrodee, for measurement purposes. Each down conductor, with the exception of natural down conductors linked to downhole earthing systems, should be fitted with a test joint which is in the closed position in normal use.

    MALTEP offers a range of test joints for tape or round conductors in copper, tinned copper or galvanised steel down conductors up to 30mm wide, round from 8 to 12 diameter or cables from 50mm² to 95mm² maximum.

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    Data sheet

    Admissible conductors
    Tape with width 30mm
    Weight (Kg)
    Standard of reference
    IEC 62561-1 : Lightning protection system components (LPSC) – Part 1: Requirements for connection components
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