For making horizontal cross weld of a tape conductors with identical cross sections
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    Exothermic welding is a self contained fusion welding process that allows very high quality electrical connections between copper, copper alloy or steel conductors. The process involves the use of a graphite mold which allows the molten metal inside to come into contact with the conductors present and to weld them permanently. Molds are manufactured in our workshops from a block of graphite according to the weld configuration required. The size of the mold is defined according to the number of welds to be made and the nature and dimensions of the conductors to be welded. The C size molds can make up to 50 welds, the B size molds make up 30 welds.

    Our BB40 mold type model is design to weld an horizontal cross weld of tape conductors of identical cross sections.

    MALTEP can also manufacure graphite moulds for the realisation of exothermic welds configurations out of the catalogue standards. Do not hesitate to contact us for any particular request with the following elements:

    - The configuration of the weld to be made

    - The position of the conductors to be welded, horizontal plane (preferred) or vertical plane

    - The nature of the conductors to be welded: cable, plain round, concrete iron, etc.

    - The cross section, diameter, dimensions of the conductors or elements to be welded

    - The nature of the parts to be welded: copper, stainless steel, steel, galvanised steel, brass, bronze (Note that aluminium is not suitable for thermite welding)

    - The number of welds to be made for each type requested


    Data sheet

    Welding powder required per weld
    Required handle clamp
    HCC00 : Pince pour moule standard
    Accessoires requis
    Allumeur manuel KAL ou à distance KAL-AD + KAL-ADLG
    KBC + KPC + KG10
    Accessoires et EPI optionnels
    Standard of reference
    IEEE 837 2014 : Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation Grounding
    HS code
    Order code
    Type of weld
    Tape conductor - Tape conductor


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